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Armored Asphalt is a locally owned and operated full service asphalt company specializing in asphalt driveways, parking lot maintenance, and pothole patching in Waukegan, Illinois. We take great pride in our high quality and lasting results so that your paved surface always looks its best! If you’re on the lookout for asphalt paving professionals in Waukegan, look no further than Armored Asphalt! Contact us today for pricing and more information on all of our services!

Long Lasting Asphalt Paving in Waukegan

Armored Asphalt provides Waukegan residents with a durable and smooth blacktop that will wow for many years to come! Our trained professionals are backed by years of experience and ready for any project big or small! If asphalt is installed incorrectly, it will quickly begin to crumble leading to costly repairs in the future! That’s why Armored Asphalt takes our time to ensure you’re getting results that will last! For more information on the best asphalt paving in Waukegan, contact Armored Asphalt today!

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Pothole Repair

Potholes can go from small inconveniences to major hazards in no time at all. Armored Asphalt provides quality parking lot pothole patching in Waukegan, Illinois so your customers can stay safe while visiting your business! We use top of the line equipment and take our time to ensure you’re always getting the best from Armored Asphalt! 

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Premium Asphalt Maintenance

Our asphalt maintenance services include sealcoating, crack filling, and parking lot striping. We use a special two coat application so our sealcoats provide long-term protection from sun, rain, ice, and other potential hazards. When properly maintained by the best asphalt professionals in Waukegan, your paved surfaces should last well over 30 years! If you want pavement that is long lasting and looks great, contact Armored Asphalt today!

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Even when winter is in full swing, Armored Asphalt is here for  the residents of Waukegan with firewood! We offer hardwood and oak for cozy fires to stay warm all winter long! Contact us today to pick up premium firewood in Kenosha!

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Armored Asphalt is Waukegan’s highest rated full service asphalt company! Contact us today for more information on any of our long lasting asphalt services!