Spring Asphalt Maintenance in SE Wisconsin

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It’s that time of year – spring is here and it’s time to schedule asphalt maintenance! If you’re located in SE Wisconsin, give Armored Sealcoating a call for a quote on asphalt repair & maintenance services. We’d be happy to care for your parking lot or driveway.

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Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance | What We Offer

Commercial Spring Asphalt Maintenance

Commercial Services

We help businesses & commercial property owners throughout SE Wisconsin & NE Illinois maintain their parking lots. Salt, plows, snow & ice can all affect the surface of your asphalt; especially if cracks were not filled before winter. The freeze-thaw process will exacerbate cracks and turn them into potholes that can cause vehicle damage or pedestrian injury. That’s why spring maintenance is so important. Call us to get a quote on service for your parking lot!

Our commercial asphalt maintenance services include:

  • Crack Filling
  • Pothole Repair (asphalt patching)
  • Parking Lot & Driveway Sealcoating
  • Striping
Residential Asphalt Maintenance

Residential Services

We’re always happy to help homeowners with their driveway repair & sealcoating needs. Our asphalt maintenance contractors will fill cracks with a rubberized asphalt solution that prevents water from making the cracks worsen and spread. Then we will seal your driveway – with two coats – to keep it protected longer. With our seal coating process, you will only need to get your driveway resealed every 3-5 years.

Our residential asphalt maintenance services include:

  • Crack Filling
  • Driveway Sealcoating

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