Asphalt Patching and Pothole Repair

Asphalt patching and pothole patching is the most cost-effective method of protecting your asphalt and foundation from further damage. It is important to repair potholes not only for appearance but for the protection of your asphalt in the long term and of your vehicles and self. Potholes can be hard on tires and your cars suspension, and sometimes even pop or blow a tire as well as pose a hazard for pedestrians. Repairing or patching is much more cost effective than full out repaving.

Wisconsin winters are hard on asphalt. Most potholes form during the winter months and require repair right away in the spring to prevent further damage. If you notice puddled potholes, asphalt patching is the quickest and most convenient fix.

Armored Seal Coating provides superior asphalt patching and pothole repair services along with crack filling, and professional seal coating services in Kenosha and Racine Counties as well as surrounding areas.

Asphalt Crack Repair & Filling ServiceAsphalt Crack Filling

Asphalt cracks go hand in hand with potholes. Potholes are often what happens when asphalt cracks are let go for too long. Armored Seal Coating provides both asphalt patching and repair and crack filling services. We can fill and repair all areas of your asphalt to restore appearance, safety and prolong the life.

Asphalt cracks that are not filled in a timely matter will allow water to penetrate into the deeper asphalt and ground. When the water freezes, it then expands. This causes the cracks to become even larger and potholes or chuckholes to form. Asphalt crack filling and patching is the best way to stop this cycle of deterioration, corrosion, decay and damage.

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