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Professional Asphalt Maintenance in Kenosha County and Surrounding Areas

Armored Sealcoating provides asphalt driveway and parking lot maintenance in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin. Our professional asphalt contractors provide high quality seal coating services with efficiency and respectfulness. We service both residential and commercial asphalt driveways and parking areas. We also provide snow plowing services in the winter! Contact us for a free asphalt seal coating or snow plowing estimate today.

Asphalt Services you can Depend On

Long lasting results, reduced maintenance costs, satisfaction guaranteed – these are just a few of the long list of reasons to choose Armored Sealcoating! We provide professional services you can TRUST, including:

Asphalt Sealcoating

Professional asphalt seal coating can help prevent and/or delay the corrosion of your pavement. This means your asphalt will last longer and look better all around. Less quality asphalt maintenance jobs will last typically 1-2 years tops. With Armored Sealcoating, you can count on 3-5 years before a resealing is necessary! Obviously harsh weather and higher traffic volumes can have an impact on this and potentially shorten the time, but we firmly stand behind our work being quality and lasting the longest.

Crack Repair

Cracks in your asphalt are just the start of some very serious problems (and aren’t visually appealing). Crack filling is an important part of asphalt maintenance to keep your asphalt strong and lasting the longest without deep corrosion. Asphalt cracks that are untreated can spiderweb and spread or deepen beyond an easy repair. The worse the crack, the higher the threat of water breaching the base of your pavement and deteriorating to the point of needing full replacement. Armored Sealcoating provides convenient crack filling and crack repair services even in between seal coating jobs!

Snow Plowing

Wisconsin is known for its ever-changing seasons. Armored Sealcoating provides services year-round. In the winger we make your snow days less stressful, and less demanding of you by offering efficient snow removal services. Our snow plowing services include both residential and commercial snow removal. We will clear snow from driveways, parking lots, and walkways throughout Kenosha and surrounding areas.

Firewood for Sale Paddock Lake, WI

We’re a Kenosha firewood supplier. If you need firewood in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin, make Armored your first choice. We have a large inventory of firewood for sale that can be used for residential or commercial applications – give us a call to learn more about pricing and ordering.

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