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Your asphalt driveway is an investment. As with every investment – maintenance is key to long term use and quality. Winters in the Midwest can be very harsh. The elements can cause some real damage if not properly planned for. Here are some tips to keep your asphalt pavement strong and durable all winter long.

Enter Winter with a Clean Driveway

As fall is coming to an end, it’s important to stay on top of your driveway right now. Keep debris, leaves and twigs off your driveway as much as possible so you have less build up underneath the snow once it falls.

Seal Coat Your Driveway Every 2 – 5 Years

It is highly recommended to have your asphalt driveway professionally seal coated every 2-5 years. Armored Sealcoating uses top quality materials and superior workmanship to make the sealcoat last longer so you have less often maintenance necessary.

Keep up on Stain and Oil Removal

Asphalt sealant will of course help protect your asphalt driveway from stains, but it doesn’t mean it’s a 100% barrier. It is still smart to get in the habit of cleaning up any spills that can stain the surface. This will prevent discoloration from happening, as well as chemicals to deteriorate the asphalt sealant and asphalt itself. You can use a pressure washer and chemical stain remover to clean these.

Pay Attention to Your Driveway

Your driveway can speak to you (so to speak). Watch for cracks to form and catch them early on. You can stop a crack from growing by filling it as soon as it begins. If you have a wider, larger crack or a web of cracks, this means the damage is a little further along. The top surface of your asphalt is deteriorating and may need a little more extensive repair or resurfacing.

Clear Snow and Ice as Soon as Possible

It is recommended to shovel or snow blow as soon as possible after each snowfall. Allowing multiple snow falls to happen and build up can allow a thick layer of ice to form. This ice can be harsh on your driveway and make for an even worse freeze-thaw process.

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Large Commerical Asphalt Seal Coat and Striping Wisconsin

Armored Sealcoating completed this large scale commercial seal coating project this 2018 season in Kenosha Wisconsin. Our goal going into every project is to make your asphalt look like brand new again and function to its full potential. We work efficiently to get a job well done quickly that will leave you in awe of how great your asphalt looks. We start with minor repair and crack filling, then use the highest quality seal coating materials and best practices to make sure it lasts.

Commercial Snow Removal Company Kenosha

Businesses in Kenosha and Racine need reliable snow plowing services to keep their employees and customers safe. Too often during winter, ice is the cause of slip and fall injuries. Reduce the risk of personal injury lawsuits by assuring your parking lot and sidewalks are properly cleared of snow and icy areas salted….

Commercial Asphalt Sealcoat and Stripe

If you’re located in or around Kenosha or Racine County, choose Armored Sealcoating for your asphalt maintenance needs. We’re happy to give you a free estimate on seal coating your driveway or parking lot – call us today at 262-515-4150 or contact us online.

Parking Lot Sealcoating & Striping

Make Armored your first call for commercial seal coating and striping services. We’ll make sure your pavement is properly taken care of; assuring it looks and functions great for longer. Our contractors can take care of everything, from first-time seal coating to crack filling and pot hole patching. Have unique pavement striping needs? No problem! We seal and stripe parking lots and other asphalt areas for a number of commercial clients, including retail stores, banks, restaurants, churches, schools, office buildings, and more. Don’t trust your asphalt with just anyone, choose Armored Sealcoating.

Residential Asphalt Maintenance

Our Kenosha asphalt contractors the perfect choice for residential seal coating and maintenance services. We strive for 100% satisfaction from every homeowner we serve; and achieve this goal by offering services better than the rest. Unlike other seal coating companies, we always apply two coats of sealant – no matter how small or large the driveway. This ensures your black top lasts longer and needs to be resealed less often. Are driveway cracks causing an eye soar; we can fix that too!

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Sealed and Striped Parking Lot Kenosha 2

Armored Sealcoating is located just across the border of Wisconsin; which allows us to serve the seal coating and asphalt maintenance needs of homeowners and business in Northern Illinois. Antioch, Zion, Waukegan and the surrounding areas can rely on Armored to get the job done right! Call us at 262-515-4150 or contact us online for a free estimate.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Services

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial asphalt contractor to manage your parking lot and driveway needs, choose Armored. We’ll design a maintenance plan around your pavement’s exact needs; providing crack and pothole repair, sealing, and striping as necessary to protect your investment. Using a two-coat sealant application, we help prolong the life of your asphalt.

High-Quality, Affordable Driveway Seal Coating

Armored is the right choice for residential seal coating services too. Whether you’ve installed a new asphalt driveway and it needs to be seal coated for the first time, or you’re preparing to sell your home and want to improve its curbside appeal and sales potential, our contractors are the answer! We’ll work out the perfect cost and schedule for your asphalt maintenance needs.

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Sealed Asphalt Kenosha County

It’s the start of the asphalt sealcoating season. The recommended time for sealcoating your asphalt pavement is late Spring through early Fall. That means now is your time to get your free asphalt seal coating estimate and schedule your project.

Armored Sealcoating is your top choice for asphalt seal coating in Kenosha county and surrounding areas. We apply TWO coats every asphalt seal coating job we do to ensure longer lasting quality. Because we apply two coats, the maintenance period is longer, and we can recommend every 3-5 years vs. the typical 2-3 years. We save you time and money.

Armored Sealcoating Services:

Crack Filing

We use high-grade rubberized crack-fill. This will help to prevent water from penetrating and saturating the stone base underneath your asphalt, prolonging the life of your pavement.

If your asphalt cracks are too deep or have started spider webbing, you may need to consider some deeper repair tactics. Our knowledgeable and experienced crack filling team will fully inform you and advise on the best practices for your specific case.

Residential Seal Coating

Armored Sealcoating practices a TWO coat application process on every project including residential asphalt seal coating. Most companies will only apply one brush coat when it comes to residential projects. We like to be sure your seal coating services its purpose and maintains quality for the longest time possible.

Commercial Seal Coating

We strive to be the most competitive in price and quality for your commercial seal coating needs. We work to reduce you long term costs by providing double application. Our materials are top of the line and provide the ultimate resistance against damaging elements. We keep your asphalt looking new and fresh with an attractive black satin finish. Our professionals will build an asphalt maintenance plan perfect for your driveway and parking lot. Crack filling and pavement striping are included in our seal coating services; but we’ll come back to fill cracks and refresh your parking lot striping as needed. Easily and affordably maintain your commercial asphalt by calling Armored Sealcoating!

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Brush Sealcoating Southeastern Wisconsin

Unlike most of our competitors, we take residential seal coating just as serious as commercial seal coating. We maintain the same level of quality and efficiency no matter how big or small the project may be. We apply 2 coats every time to ensure lasting results.

Typically residential seal coating companies will only apply 1 coat brush applied because it is less work and they think only one coat is enough for a smaller area. They also want to make more money be having you need them to come back more often.

Armored Sealcoating strives for the longest lasting results. Our goal is to save you money, save you time, save you hassle, and be the #1 in quality guaranteed. Maintaining and/or increasing the value of your home and your ROI are our goals.

Our quality work on your residential seal coating job defines our value and we only accept the BEST. Check out our residential seal coating gallery to see some previous jobs we’ve completed or ask us for referrals.

Service Areas:

Kenosha County including but not limited to: Kenosha, Sommers, Pleasant Prairie, Racine, Bristol, Northern Illinois and surrounding areas.

What you can expect from Us:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effective
  • Value Adding
  • Hassle-Free
  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Premium Materials
  • Superior Equipment
  • Safe Practices

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Residential Crack Filling

When the forces of nature decide to gather together, these can break down asphalt and create unwanted cracks and potholes. By using quality asphalt crack filling, you can be sure repairs can be done easily and efficiently with less inconvenience and trouble on your part.

If summer comes and the weather gets too hot, the UV rays on the sun will beat down on your asphalt surface, causing it to crack and fade over time. Property owners in Kenosha, Wisconsin know all too well that dealing with these problems is very inconvenient.

Asphalt cracks can be very unsightly and quickly get expensive. You have to take action and get them filled as soon as you notice them. Using quality asphalt crack filling in your driveway or parking lot is the most economical and convenient way to prevent future expenses and deterioration.

There are many reasons why cracks can occur on asphalt. Some of these include:

  • Poor foundation
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Roots of trees
  • Earth movement
  • Yearly freeze and thaw cycle

Cracks in parking lots and driveways can compromise the integrity of asphalt in two ways.

One, these cracks can allow moisture to erode the lot’s foundation. Such damage can result to pot holes, sink holes and alligator cracking that can lead to the pricey repaving and patching. Second, cracks can also trap moisture between the two sides of the asphalt. Once water freezes and expands, it will also expand and enlarge the existing cracks. The continuous growth of cracks is the reason why it is a must to promptly repair the cracks using quality asphalt crack filling so that a repaving crisis will not arise.

Crack filling is effective if the crack sealant can keep the water from getting into the crack. The moment the water enters the foundation, the foundation will start to erode and will then result in a bigger project and expense.

Benefits of Crack Filling

  • Prolongs Life of the Pavement
  • Routine maintenance can double the asphalt’s life cycle
  • Helps You Save Money

You can save yourself from the pricey asphalt replacement when crack filling is carried out by professionals. The value of replacement can be 20 to 30 times pricier compared to a single maintenance procedure.

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Sealed Asphalt Kenosha County

Armored Sealcoating is now scheduling for the fast approaching Spring

Servicing Southeastern Wisconsin including Kenosha County, Racine County and Surrounding Areas

Winter is tough on your asphalt – especially with the continual freeze thaw process we had this winter. It seemed to go from freezing to spring like weather and rain and then back to freezing every other day. This wears on your asphalt, deteriorating it and allowing for moisture to get deep in cracks and then expand upon freezing.

Brand new asphalt may not be necessary. If the damage to your asphalt is not to severe, some crack filling and a fresh asphalt seal coat may just do the trick to get your asphalt looking and functioning like new again!

Armored Sealcoating is based out of Kenosha, WI. We specialize in crack-filling and asphalt sealcoating and striping. Our spring season fills up fast with everyone wanting to repair and coat their asphalt fresh for spring, summer and fall. We want to get you on the schedule and help you out with affordable seal coating and maintenance services!

Whether you need your residential driveway seal coated or you have a commercial asphalt lot in need of heavy duty maintenance and fresh striping – we cover it all (literally). Armored Sealcoating always applies 2 coats with EVERY JOB we do to help your new seal coat last longer. Typically sealcoating is recommended every 2-4 years – with our practices extending that to 3-5 years. This saves you time and money! The only explanations for a company to do this are we actually CARE and have passion for what we do.

What We Do:

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