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Armored Asphalt is a professional asphalt paving and maintenance company proudly providing top of the line commercial and residential asphalt services in Beach Park, Illinois. We offer new installation, maintenance, repairs, and parking lot striping. We use our own custom techniques to go above and beyond in everything we do! We started as a small sealcoating team and saw that our area was lacking in true asphalt professionals. Now we are proud to be the leading asphalt professionals in Beach Park!

Driveway Paving in Beach Park

Armored Asphalt is a highly rated driveway paving company serving Beach Park residents with all of their asphalt needs. We offer quality results that last for many years to come! No amount of resurfacing and patching can fix a poorly installed driveway. That’s why we have set out to provide the best paving services in Beach Park, Illinois! Our trained professionals take the time to do it right the first time to prevent crumbling asphalt later. For high quality asphalt made to last, trust your driveway to Armored Asphalt!

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Parking Lot Maintenance

From shopping centers to schools, Armored Asphalt has vast experience in asphalt parking lots of every size! We are fully licensed and insured and pride ourselves on our unique approach that has proven to last longer than our competitors. We use a double coat application method that leaves a stronger layer of protection on your paved surfaces from the sun, weather, and other hazards. If you’re looking for a new asphalt maintenance provider in Beach Park, Illinois, look no further than Armored Asphalt.

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Asphalt Patching

Repairing your paved surfaces is the only way to prevent costly damages. Potholes are typically caused by water freezing and thawing repeatedly within the cracks of pavement. The pavement then expands and eventually potholes are formed. Patching a pothole as soon as it begins to form will keep it from growing and potentially causing damages. If you need high quality asphalt patching in Beach Park, reach out to Armored Asphalt  for a free quote!

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Winters in Beach Park can be rough, but Armored Asphalt is here to keep you warm all season long with firewood pickup available in Kenosha. We have hardwood and oak so no matter what you need you’re covered! 

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Armored Asphalt is known for our revolutionary techniques to provide paving services with unbeatable lasting results. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our asphalt services!