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Schedule Your Spring Asphalt Seal Coating Now!

Armored Sealcoating is now scheduling for the fast approaching Spring Servicing Southeastern Wisconsin including Kenosha County, Racine County and Surrounding Areas Winter is tough on your asphalt – especially with the continual freeze thaw process we had this winter. It seemed to go from freezing to spring like weather and rain and then back to […]

Asphalt Seal Coating Good Practices

It’s important for your asphalt seal coating team to work with the utmost professionalism and take every job seriously. Armored Sealcoating is dedicated to using good practices every job we work. Here are a few reasons we can be proud of our company and our work:

Commercial Seal Coating Kenosha

Armored Sealcoating is your top choice for commercial sealcoating in Kenosha County. We have top of the line equipment and commercial grade materials to guarantee a job done right. Not only do we promise quality, we also promise efficiency. We understand when it comes to your business, minimal downtime for your parking lot is crucial. […]

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance – Last Call Before Winter!

There are a range of benefits of asphalt seal coating. One of the main benefits of doing it PRE-WINTER is to protect your investment from the harsh effects of the winter moisture. Winter is bitter in Wisconsin and the freeze/thaw process is rough on your asphalt. If you notice cracks and imperfections – it is best to get your asphalt seal coated before further damage can occur causing more costly repairs or the need for a full new pavement.

Pre-Winter Asphalt Maintenance Kenosha Wi

The winter can absolutely wreak havoc on the pavement around your home if you allow it to surprise you without doing some asphalt maintenance. Fortunately, the steps you can take to minimize any damage done by the cold are, for the most part, simple and affordable. It is certainly easier than a severely damaged driveway once you receive the unpleasant surprise of seeing it after all the winter snow and ice has melted away in late spring. Take some simple measures while you have the opportunity – ensuring your driveway lasts as long as possible without needing any major repair.

Lake Geneva Residential Seal Coating Success!

I have had Armored Sealcoating seal my driveway several times. Each time the work has been fully performed in an exceptional manner. Joe Clark continues to impress me as a very conscientious person
who performs his work professionally, efficiently and at a competitive price. Without hesitation I highly recommend Joe and his team at Armored Sealcoating!!